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Not only in Japan, but in many other countries around the world, spitting is an insult to others. Spitting is a vile and dirty act. Never do that.If you cough or sneeze, cover it with your hand or handkerchief, or cough or sneeze in a direction away from people.

Attention and Disclaimer

・This information is current as of August 2023.
・Please contact each public transportation(Fujikyu RailwayJR East Kofu) or Yamanashi Tourism Association(Link) for details.
・The information in this article is written voluntarily by a local resident who has lived in Yamanashi for 16 years over. Please forgive us if there are any mistakes in the English expression.

Mt.Fuji Religion is alive

There are people who consider Mt. Fuji and the land around it as objects of worship. The land itself, including the Fuji Five Lakes, shrines, and temples, is an object of worship.

The act of spitting or throwing trash in that place makes people and Mt.Fuji gods furious(never calm down).Fujiyoshida City in Yamanashi Prefecture is located at the foot of Mt. Fuji and is part of Mt. Fuji. Do not defile the land.

Japanese people Never help a spitting person

Spitting is unhealthy, dirty, insulting, and potentially infectious. A spitting person insults the land and the people. Even if the person gets hurt or loses something, the Japanese will never help them.

Japanese people are kind(gentle and kindness) to people have respect spirits, because All Japanese have the heart of a samurai and a ninja. Don’t offend the Japanese because they hide their samurai heart. If the Japanese think you’re an hostile, you can’t go home. You would become the soil of Mt.Fuji.

(Do you think i’m kidding? Be Careful.)

Allowed “SPIT" in the basin and in the toilet

Some places allow you to spit. It is permissible to spit in the toilet bowl or basin. If possible, prefer a private space such as a hotel room rather than a public restroom.

Do not spit on the roads of shrines, in the woods, on concrete in tourist areas, or on roads.

If you’re sick(if you have a chronic disease) and need to spit, gently spit onto a stack of tissue paper and flush it down the toilet.

Have a safe trip.

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