Fuji Shiba-Sakura Festival(May)|How to Go【Traffic Information】


To get to the moss phlox festival site near Lake Motosu, take a bus or taxi. It can get very crowded, so we recommend going during the bright morning hours on a sunny day. We also recommend dining at Peter Rabbit Garden Cafe.

Attention and Disclaimer

・This information is current as of May 2024.
・Please contact each public transportation(Fujikyu RailwayJR East Kofu) or Yamanashi Tourism Association(Link) for details.
・The information in this article is written voluntarily by a local resident who has lived in Yamanashi for 16 years over. Please forgive us if there are any mistakes in the English expression.

Access & Charge/Price

in conclusion

・Bus(Go and Return) & Admission ticket:2,500 yen / adult

・Lunch:2,000 ~ 12,000 yen / adult

・Souvenir or Gift:1,500 ~ 20,000 yen / adult

Duration of stay about 2 hours

Best route:Kawaguchiko Station ⇔ Sibazakura festival in Motosu Resort

The route from Mt. Fuji Station to the Shibazakura venue is as follows.

The route from Kawaguchiko Station to the Shibazakura venue is as follows.

It’s easier to get there if you go from Kawaguchiko Station because it’s closer and there’s a special bus called the Fuji Shibazakura Liner.

You can purchase a ticket that includes admission ticket and bus fare ↓↓↓here↓↓↓.



There are tickets that include a round-trip(Shibazakura ⇔ Kawaguchiko Station) bus fare to/from Kawaguchiko Station and an admission ticket to the shibazakura venue.

  • Adult:2,500 Yen
  • Child:1,300 Yen

Admission tickets to the Shibazakura venue are normally 1,000 yen per adult. This price, combined with the round-trip bus fare, is a great deal.

The bus timetable and schedule are as shown in this image. Please check the tourist information center or ticket reservation screen for details.

If you go by taxi, it will cost about 8,000 to 12,000 yen one way. It varies depending on how crowded it is. If you want to go to the Fuji Shibazakura venue, we recommend using a dedicated bus if possible.

Moss phlox Photos & Guides

The altitude of this place is approximately 900m. Even on a sunny day, clouds may appear temporarily and obscure Mt. Fuji.

If you wait for the right timing, you should be able to take a photo of Mt. Fuji and moss phlox.

There is a pond in the park, not Lake Motosu.

It gets quite crowded during the season. In early May, it gets very crowded as not only tourists but also many locals visit.

If you want to dine or enjoy afternoon tea at Peter Rabbit Garden Cafe, make reservations online weeks in advance to guarantee your spot.

There are also many food stands.

There is also a hill for taking photos, but it gets so crowded that you have to wait for your turn. You can take stylish photos even if you don’t take it from this hill. We also recommend taking a photo from the top of the tower near the souvenir shop.

Recommend|Peter Rabbit English Garden Cafe

There is Pitter Rabbit Garden Cafe in the park. You can enjoy salads, pies, afternoon tea, curry, etc. Herbal tea and sweets are also available.

Please check this photo for the menu contents and prices as of May 2024. The price has increased a little, but it’s about this amount. If you want to eat a full meal, you can rest assured for 5,000 yen per adult.

This is a cafe sign. There are days when it rains.

Recommend:Afternoon Tea Set

Afternoon tea set can be ordered for 2 adults. The price for one adult is 4,200 yen, but since you can only order for at least two people, it will always cost 8,400 yen for two adults.

There are some very small baked goods, chocolates, and very small cakes arranged cutely, and it comes with about 500ml of tea, a sandwich, and a quiche. The portion is extremely small as it is aimed at Japanese people who eat little.

I think one person can eat enough for two adults for afternoon tea.

The tea served here is Darjeeling.

This is what the souvenir shop looks like. There are many Peter Rabbit related goods. Goods that can only be purchased here are Peter Rabbit souvenirs with pink price tags. Most of the other souvenirs can also be purchased at other tourist spots.

It’s just a normal park, except for a Peter Rabbit themed shop. It’s a spacious park where you can see Mt. Fuji and, during the season, moss phlox. There are no play equipment or attractions. You will be very lucky if you can visit here on a sunny day without a single cloud. Weather in the mountains can change quickly. Enjoy your stay.

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