There are few Trash cans|Warning and Advisory


Yamanashi has few public trash cans. There are trash cans set up by volunteers at tourist spots and shops. Take your trash back to your hotel room before throwing it away, or don’t bring anything that can become trash.

Attention and Disclaimer

・This information is current as of August 2023.
・Please contact each public transportation(Fujikyu RailwayJR East Kofu) or Yamanashi Tourism Association(Link) for details.
・The information in this article is written voluntarily by a local resident who has lived in Yamanashi for 16 years over. Please forgive us if there are any mistakes in the English expression.

Trash Can is attached to the Food Stands

In Yamanashi tourist spots, you can buy food from “Food Stands". After eating at the “Food Stands", throw away the trash in the trash bag(white or Yellow or Transparent Plastic Bag) attached to the “Food Stands" where you bought the food.

Large tourist spots and festival venues may have trash cans, but there are few trash cans. Basically, it is considered good manners to take your own trash bring back to your home or hotel room.

Bring a plastic bag yourself

Japanese people are trying to reduce trash to protect the natural environment. You should try to reduce the amount of trash you throw at yourself and should carry your own plastic trash bag.

At stores like DAISO( and Seria(, you can buy a set of 20 plastic bags for 100 yen. You can buy tissue paper, disposable chopsticks, straws, etc. at a low price(100 yen|108 yen tax included), so please use them.

Garbage separation required

In Japan, it is necessary to sort trash into 4 categories(in most cases):

  • burnable trash
  • non-burnable trash
  • PET bottles
  • aluminum cans
  • Glass bottle

You can see what you can throw away by looking inside the trash can, so please take a good look at the contents and throw it away. The trash can has no lid, so you can easily see what’s inside.

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