Many things are SMALL in Japan|Warning and Advisory


Almost everything is small in Japan, including drinks and foods. Compared to the rest of the world, the average height of Japanese people is short. Sweets and foods are often individually wrapped, and sometimes it takes a lot of effort to eat them.

Attention and Disclaimer

・This information is current as of August 2023.
・Please contact each public transportation(Fujikyu RailwayJR East Kofu) or Yamanashi Tourism Association(Link) for details.
・The information in this article is written voluntarily by a local resident who has lived in Yamanashi for 16 years over. Please forgive us if there are any mistakes in the English expression.

Drinks and Foods are Small

Most things are small, including bread at convenience stores, drinks at vending machines, sweets at shops, tissue paper at drugstores, and so on.

As of 2023, the price of Japanese products are cheap, so the small size will not be a problem. It may be inconvenient for people who are taller and bigger than the average Japanese to use it.

Japan has a culture that favors simple food, and various foods are eaten in a simple and natural way. It may feel like poverty, but in Japan it’s considered a simple diet and it’s not a bad thing.

A culture of eating a wide variety of foods

There are also meals unique to Japan, such as Kaiseki cuisine, in which many ingredients are served in small bite-size pieces.

In Japan, meals have a meaning of hospitality, and there are some rules for those who receive hospitality. These days, if you are a foreigner, as long as you try not to make the floor dirty or damage the plates, you should be careful when eating.

Kaiseki cuisine is originally a meal for Zen monks who eat only one meal a day. It is meant to relieve hunger, not to completely fill you up. For that reason, it may not be enough for people with large bodies, but it is made in a size that can be eaten in one bite, as it is also intended to enjoy conversation while eating.

Stationery and souvenirs are also Small

Everything in Japan is made for small Japanese people. Everything from stationery and souvenirs to cosmetics is small. For large foreigners, it may be about the size of a fingertip, but that is also part of Japanese culture.

Drinks in PET bottles are also small, so if you want to stay hydrated, we recommend buying 2L PET bottled water from supermarkets instead of convenience stores.

The ticket you buy at the station is also small, so don’t lose it.

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